Harlivy finally kissed in Harley Quinn

Harlivy kissed on screen! I am beyond happy to this development. We’ve been knew this would happen in season 2 episode 7, since the actress voices Harley joked in an interview of the end of April that “(Harley) is gonna need calamine lotion.” . We know that it’s a medication used to treat mild itchiness, caused by Ivy’s poisoning skin contact. This is a fun fact depicted in comic “Love is Love” (2016)".

However, there was a debate online after the S2E7 aired. Some supporters of Ivy and Kite Man are disappointed in Ivy because she “cheated" on him by kissing Harley. Some straight people are disgusted by this development. Some people who never read the comics are confused. Some neutrals consider the kiss “out-of-blue" because there’s “no buildup" between the two and they were merely in sisterly friendship in the show. Some people who never read comics are totally confused.

Here’s my thought:

Harley and Ivy were mostly together throughout the comics. They got married in comic and they supposed to be together. To those who think there’s no “buildup". Harley and Ivy were mostly together throughout the comics. In this show, they built up an obvious flirting relationship from previous episodes.

How do you define “romantic relationship"? Limited to Kite Man and Ivy one because it’s so obvious? And just deny all the chemistry between these two bisexuals? Yes, this kiss is sudden, but based on what they already have. After this intense moment, they just physically have the urge to kiss…then confused themselves….It depicts human impulsion and not difficult to understand…so, I don’t think they use LGBTQ as trophies at all.

As a bisexual, I saw more than sisterly friendship between them. Also, it’s common a person still wish his/her best friend to be happy with someone else even he/she secretly likes the friend, because they don’t want to ruin their relationship. Especially Harley and Ivy’s case here. None of them “knew" they are bisexual before this point…

People need time to explore their sexuality, especially for bisexuals, because it’s very confusing at the beginning. Anyway, some people surely agree with you. If it means 50%(?) of audiences who like Kite Man or Kite Man x Ivy relationship…let it be…? Because we still have other 50% of supporters. Although I support Harlivy very much, I somehow appreciate Kite Man x Ivy’s relationship in this show. It was good for Ivy too. But honestly, I don’t care if Ivy’s action is cheating on Kite Man. There will be some turmoils between three of them. I look forward to watching.

And here’s the script posted by the writers:



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