Legends nailed it with the Bard.

I really love this “Romeo v Juliet" episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Some points I think especially great and fun:

  • In Shakespeare’s era, only men or boys can be actors and step on the stage. That’s why Nate played Juliet. About Sara, I guess it’s because she got a rather boyish looking and smaller bone so it’s OK that she pretended to be a boy and act as a woman character.
  • It’s great where legends played is unlike Globe Theatre, but intended to be the unearthed Curtain Theatre, small and squared. Detailed and historically correct.
  • “Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I’ll say good night until tonight becomes tomorrow." Juliet’s famous line was so suitable for Ray and Nora’s leaving and the Legends of TOMORROW. I am so amazed by the writers. How did the come up with this whole idea of using the Bard to do a great farewell to Ray and Nora.
  • It’s so right that Mick picked up King Lear to read given the issue with his daughter. (PS: which is my favorite Shakespeare work.)
  • Sara directly said “No MacGuffin talk after I’ve finished my coffee." These writers are really insane and the choice of word is so British originated.
  • Sara finally made a terrible send-off which is offensive to the British…XD
  • Finally, kinda irrelevant but many lines are like writers shouting to some mad audiences who resist any change, also the self-deprecated sarcasm to some cannon haters…savage move!!!

Point can be done better (just personal issue):

  • Charlie mispronounced “Une question, le Capitan"; she said “Un question, les Capitan", which is wrong. Who speak French somehow properly were Zari and Nora…I can see LOT’s writers really like French & Japanese but please make sure the actors do them correctly…
  • Sara sloshed after “Romeo & Juliet" has been changed. Given the fact that the Bard made the foundation of Modern English, I would like to see everyone speaks weirdly not just Sara and the firefighter stripper.

LOT writers really have mastery of lines that I appreciate a lot. LOT adapted to Shakespeare-style a lot since S1 and it became even more…, all those nasty and savage jokes, sarcasm and humors in a bitter/dark situation. I recommend visiting Global Theatre and a fun book “Shakespeare for Grown-Ups" for you to know more.

Hail to Legends and the Bard!!!



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