“Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" and the breakup of Harley & Ivy in DC Universe

OK, I finally watched “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey". I like Margot/Harley but this movie doesn’t add up, so I checked and found out that…

Harley & Ivy broke up in Feb issue of the comic!?

I haven’t followed for a while…but are you fxxking kidding me!!! They just got married in late 2018 and now they are split? Screw you DC. Stop treating bisexual characters like shit by making their relationship doomed.

Maybe you just don’t want provoke general audiences who are biphobic/homophobic or just didn’t know Harley & Ivy’s relationship because they never read the comics….But you can’t weaken the representation of Harley’s bisexuality in such dirty way!

You already did that in “Suicide Squad". I got that because it was an ensemble movie. In “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey", only a short cartoon frame obscurely implied. If we follow the comic timeline, Harley started dating Ivy when she almost broke up with Joker and the relationship became official post-Joker. Harley lives with Ivy after she got out of the jail! They even got married!!! So Ivy should appear in this movie and its sequels if the focus was Harley and her relationships. Not to mention the name was Birds of Prey…Ivy was the member not Harley, you know!?

My first question to a friend who watched the premiere in Taiwan was “Did Poison Ivy show up? Any romantic plot with her?" My friend was like…no clue. She doesn’t know anything about it. That’s fine…Most audiences don’t, so I understand why WB did this shit.
But you don’t need to even separate Harley & Ivy in the DC comics on purpose to ensure the (future) movies not contradicting to the original settings!!! You didn’t have to post an article to apologize by implying they were just close friends.

Are you fucking kidding me!!!!!! Close friends my ass.

Plus, you made Black Canary a blonde-highlighted black girl?! What’s this? Diversity overcorrection? STOP calling her “Miss Lance" or I will beat the shit out of you!!! And most of their fighting skills on camera are really bad…except Margot’s, which is just OK. I am not surprised that “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" got a shitty rating in IMDB and Metacritic. In your face. You dumb ass DC and WB. Worst comic idea ever and worst movie I’ve seen recently. .

I am so pissed off…

Excellent comic intro of Harley & Ivy (in Chinese) if you don’t have time to read comics:



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