Review: Lo And Behold

  Someone commented that the “documentary" doesn’t reveal anything new. All cliche we have heard before. I think, if we are talking about a “documentary" and chasing solutions or future tips in this (probably) self-evolving Internet world, yes, the movie is almost boring as obsolete. And yet, if we watch this “film" in a philosophical and sociopsychological perspective, I’d say this is the most intriguing and critical mind-adventure I have been through recently. I highly recommend this film to anyone who really cares about the future of human kind in a rapid developing Internet world.
  There are many fascinating angles of view made by different narratives. Here’s one of my favorite. Lucianne Walkowicz, the stellar astronomer from NASA, made a conclusion that “while I would like to explore Mars more, I think the only thing that we’ve demonstrated is that we’re very good at destroying the habitability of earth, rather than improving the habitability of a completely alien world. The idea that Mars will somehow save us from the decisions we’ve made here is a false one. And it’s a little like saying that you’re going to go live in the lifeboat when, you know, even life boats need somewhere to land."
   The frame after her conclusion is a very long meditation of Elon Musk. The founder of SpaceX, the project aiming to create hospitable environment on Mars, and he said, “I’m sure I have good dreams sometimes, but I don’t seem to remember the good dreams. The ones that I remember are the nightmares." OK, Werner, I get your point.
  Anyway, we really need to think more about the technology, society and humanity we seem to be quite familiar with (or we pretend that we know). The nature of them is often unpredictable and consistently changing, that makes it harder for us to perceive and touch. Even though, we shouldn’t give up any chance that allow us think deeper, broader and more abstract about the topic, in case one day we wake up and find us in the middle of the scenario: Internet dreams itself and we are running out hospitality of this planet.

PS: I wrote this review just for practicing English. 


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