Rizzoli & Isles S02E02

Screen Shot 2011-08-23 at 0.59.02.JPG  

R: He(the baby)’s still critical. I may go see him tonight.
I: I saw him this morning.
R: Really? Are we getting…?
I: What, craving for pickles? No.


Subtext! Subtext!


I am running through R&I these two days.
Eagaring for American TV shows.
It would be the great replacement for these days without Criminal Minds. I thought.
But now I realized that I will have to chase two shows after.

At first, it seems more boring than CMs for the stupid episode 1.
Now it turns out that they just don’t fit to handle Serial Killer plot.
Single cases are pretty fancy and interesting.
Not to mention their chemical attraction and sarcastic lines really crack me up.

Now I am about to read the original novels.
Pretty good. It’s being a long long time to watch a good show.
In the same time, take my time for studying English with it.

I really need to practice my poor, bad, clumsy English.
Holy crap grammar….spelling.
As a TA, I should translate the open-awnsers of the questionnaire to English, and sumbit it.
Gee…I don’t know if I can do this….pretty worried.

BTW, he kindly lent his Friends to me.
I just said that I really want to practice my English during this summer, maybe a re-watching of Friends might help, then he lend it generoosly.
Surprisingly, there’s no need to deal with the damn area-restriction on DVDs, My stupid VAIO amazing read them smoothly as a miracle!
Now I have a lot of fun to do in this summer, except the creepy Japanese novel translation work.

I don’t know. I really don’t.
Since I truly came here for study, I found that I don’t like Japan so much as before anymore.
Got to firgure out some way to get out, I mean, to avoid this kind of thoughts.
Maybe I am just so mean and…just don’t fit in the real Japanese culture, especially a normal, boring one.


I think Fashion events are kind of fun.
Some more internationally minded guys are pretty cool.
I really need somebody who can talk about literature, serious movies, music, whatever.
Anyway, No strange animals who just want to hook up with someone, no.



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