Farewell my FLOCK

I used FLOCK for a long long time.

I really loved this browser before.
But it seems no longer attractive to me.
The newest version is based on Chorme, one of my hatest browser.
I realize that every time the previous version updated, it became heavier and heavier.
Some times it crashed. The compatibility is week in some way.
Some firefox extensions can be added, some can’t.
This new version aims to minimize its size. But I think it’s no use.
Evenmore, make this browser lose its specialities.

So I decided to get back to use Firefox…
After I install it, I noticed the new version is better than ever.

There is one more reason for me to change back.
I use readitlater very often. Especailly after I started using IP4.
The add-on of it only can be installed on Firefox.
Finally, I gave up my dear FLOCK.

Thanks U with me for such a long time.

the memo of my use of apps.



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