I Can’t Think Straight&The World Unseen



I Can’t Think Straight

导演: Shamim Sarif
主演: Lisa Ray / Sheetal Sheth / Antonia Frering / Dalip Tahil / Nina Wadia / Anya Lahiri
语言: 英语
制片国家/地区: 英国

时,Tala的坦率挑战着Leyla 的信仰,Leyla
Leyla的回来。在Ali 和Leyla的充满朝气的姐姐帮助下,Tala 和 Leyla 重新走到了一起。

The World Unseen
导演: Shamim Sarif
编剧: Shamim Sarif, based on her novel
主演: Lisa Ray / Sheetal Sheth
语言: English

剧情简介(只有英文):Rules were not lightly broken in Cape Town in 1952. With
apartheid the new order of the day, every detail of life became subject
to strict social controls. Shamim Sarif’s soaring debut is set during
that time but flies far from the expected clash between black and
white. Instead, The World Unseen opens a door on a tightly knit
community of South Asians in South Africa. Living in limbo between the
stark racial poles of apartheid, they have carved out a delicate peace.
It works well enough for most, but not for Amina.
  At first sight, Amina (Sheetal Sheth) announces herself a rebel.
Dressed in trousers and a man’s shirt, her hair flowing freely, she
strides around the Location Café like she owns the place. And, in fact,
she does. She has drawn all the neighbourhood’s social outlaws to her
café – the black waitress who plainly does not know her place; the
older white lady who flirts gently with the elegant brown-skinned
bachelor. It’s the only spot in town to have any fun, and therefore
bound to infuriate the apartheid police.
  Amina is more than a match for the cops and the conservative demands
of her Indian community, but her bravery has a limit. When she first
sets eyes on Miriam (Lisa Ray, also in this year’s All Hat), she is
suddenly as bashful as a schoolgirl. Miriam is married, of course, but
fascinated by the unconventional, free-thinking woman who shows her so
much attention. In time, Amina gains the courage to invite Miriam for
driving lessons. Alone together in the car, the two women can only
surrender to the inevitable.
  One never gets to vote on these things, but it is fair to say that
The World Unseen contains not one but two of this year’s steamiest
screen kisses. Yet even with its molten core of romance, Sarif’s story
is primarily an anatomy of a rarely explored community. Curbed by both
abhorrent social laws and their own inhibitions, Amina and Miriam
initially suppress their attraction; only when they resist these
obstacles does the unseen world become marvellously visible.




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